Monday, October 12, 2009

Frenchy Style

I am in love with these chairs...

~the pale green clawfoot tub and wood plank floors are perfect in the french style bathroom~

Can you say gorgeous?

Wouldn't it beautiful? Walking down the streets of the outskirts of Paris with those breathtaking rustic homes.... mmm....

Don't you wonder what's inside these frenchy homes? rustic interiors, ivory plaster walls, white curtains, toile accents, must I go on....
Come again~


  1. Love it honey! You are a bloggy natural!

    love you!


  2. Madi,
    too funny...I just found you randomly...I was thinking...those pictures are fabulous....then I was like...Madisen, wow spelled the same way as my Madi! DER!!! Good job - you should keep it up.


  3. I just happened across your delightful blog!
    And I am so...glad I did!

    I love the photos you've chosen!

    I too love french style!
    It's really fun to see someone so young wiht such great classic style!
    Good Luck with your blog! I will be back!

    Blessings my new friend...donna

  4. Thats so funny, I just read your Mom's comment, I guess good taste runs in the family. By the way I became a follower of your blog before I knew Shellagh was your Mom!

  5. Lovely blog! Best wishes from Lithuania!

  6. I love french style too!
    Greetings from Italy,

  7. Love your style!! I did a google search for "French Farmhouse Decor" and your blog came up. I thought, WOW, great blog!! Then, I was reading your comments and saw that Shellagh is your mom. How cool is that?! Love your blog and will become a follower. Keep it up - it's great!

    God Bless,

  8. Very pretty blog Madison. I'm your new follower. Deb =^..^=x5 Ottawa, Canada

  9. Just beautiful, love that fireplace.
    Great blog, thanks for sharing.

  10. You have chosen some great pictures!
    I love that French style too!

    Huggs from Holland

    ~ Veronique ~

  11. its link venturing into some fairy tale home, very rustic but beautiful with a charm of its own, i really like the kitchen, wide and spacious with open shelving to hold all the important things - breezy and roomy too
    AboutCabinets Blog

  12. Very pretty "Frenchy" photos. Loving it! That shade of green on the bathtub has got me thinking about a long overdue project. Great post. Many Thanks - Dee


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